Best Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch

6 Best Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch in 2023 [Buying Guide]

What happens when you don’t have a hitch installed or you simply don’t want to spend on getting a hitch on your car?

We wrote this article, especially for people who own an SUV without a hitch and don’t want to go through the hassles of installing a hitch just to install a bike rack. Besides, a decent hitch rack can be way too expensive sometimes.

There are plenty of options out there even if your car doesn’t have a hitch receiver, so we took our time researching from the best and the most premium bike racks the cheapest bike racks available to find the best bike racks for SUV no hitch.

The specific rack models we cover will all work on nearly all SUVs, and best of all, no hitch is required. These trunk/rear hatch bike racks are very versatile. Nothing special needs to be present on your SUV to attach them to your vehicle.

After reviewing all the bike racks, if we were given an option to choose only one of the bike racks from the list it would be the Thule Gateway Pro. It will fit on almost any car without any problem and on top of that, it has a strap on the bike rack so you need no additional accessories.

Best Bike Rack For SUV Without Hitch: Our Picks At A Glance

Best Trunk Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch:

Best Roof Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch:

Best Spare Tire Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch:

Best Suction Cup Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch:

P.s. If you are still confused about which rack to go with, consider reading the buyers’ guide section which explains what bike rack you should buy depending on your criteria and situation.

Types Of Bikes Racks For SUV Without hitch:

There are more than 6 main types of car bike racks. And when it is specific to SUV and no hitch, then you have options of 4 main types. These are suitable for almost all the popular SUVs such as – Honda Pilot, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Rav 4, Subaru Corsstrek, Ford Explorer, Mazda cx-5, and others.

To find the best hitchless bike rack for your SUV, you need to understand the different types and their pros and cons. This will make sure you don’t make the wrong decision. So, read and take notes carefully.

Types Of Bikes Racks For SUV Without hitch

Strap on/ Trunk Mount bike rack for no hitch SUV:

You have to use staps to attach the bike rack to the trunk of your car. They are comparatively on the cheaper side, smaller in size, and weight capacity. It’s easy to attach them to your car and they can carry multiple bikes (up to 5 or even 6 sometimes).

However, it is advised to buy a decent trunk rack instead of buying a cheap one (if you don’t want to damage your bike and car), and not push it to the maximum capacity. Trunk bike racks are affordable, easy to store, and you don’t need any additional components for setup. However, they can be flimsy, or damage the bike or car, if you do not choose the right one.

Roof mounted bike rack for no hitch SUV:

Roof bike racks are quite sturdy and easy to install if you already have a crossbar on your SUV roof. They look very cool as well (for some people).

However, it can be a bit tricky to put your bikes up there if they are on the heavier side. Also, there’s the aero drag you need to consider and watch out for before you drive through a low-height area or parking lot.

Suction cup bike rack for no hitch SUV:

Suction cup bike racks are super cool and they are super minimalistic at the same time. They are versatile and small in size, which makes them easy to carry and store. Some people might think that the bikes might come off, but that ain’t true.

All you have to do is get a decent suction rack and install it properly. You have to keep in mind that – they usually can’t carry more than two bikes and can be tricky to install if your vehicle’s roof is way too curved.

Spare tire bike rack for no hitch SUV:

This option is only available if your SUV has a spare tire hung in the back. Spare tire bike racks are pretty similar to trunk bike racks, but they are much sturdier and easier to install according to my experience. Using spare tire bike racks gives you a lot of advantages since the bikes are hanging behind the car.

However, you might have to remove your tire cover to use it and there’s a chance of getting your rear view mirror blocked if the bike sizes are on the larger side.

P.s. If you want to know in detail about the types of bike racks with their pros and cons, then check these articles.

6 Best Non-hitch Bike Racks For SUV with Reviews and Details

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1 – Thule Gateway Pro Bike Rack: Best Premium Trunk Bike Rack For SUV Without Hitch

Product Specifications

  • Integrated Lock: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum & Plastic
  • Load Capacity: 120 lbs
  • Weight: 14.7 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 2 or 3 Bikes
  • Available styles: Thule Gateway Pro, Thule Raceway Platform, Thule Raceway Pro, Thule Archway, Thule Passage,

Product Rating:

Thule has never disappointed us, and the Gateway Pro isn’t an exception. The Gateway Pro is made of aluminum and plastic, making it heavier than the saris bones. But in return, they delivered better quality, security, and even good protection for the bike.

Top features:

Anti Sway Cradles:  Thule cares for your bike, so they use anti-sway cradles to hold the bikes tightly in place. This makes sure that there is no contact between the bikes.

Adjustable Arms: This bike rack is equipped with thule’s quick fit lever system which lets you easily fold the arms into different positions for ease of use and compatibility. When you are not using the bike rack you can use the quick fit level to completely fold the arms down.

Security For The Bikes: Thule also provides security features like integrated locks that bolts down each bike to the bike rack, and it eliminates the chances of your bike being stolen if you are not present to look after your bikes. That being said, I wouldn’t want to leave them for too long as all locks are breakable, and this is no exception. It’s just an additional feature, not full-proof security protection.

Review And Analysis:

This is the best Thule bike rack for SUV with no hitch. Even though the Gateway Pro is on the pricier side, considering it’s a Trunk Bike Rack. But the investment is worthwhile given the number of features Thule provides on this bike rack. There’s a 7” gap between bikes which is probably the highest on Trunk Bike racks. The Gateway Pro provides great security and a lot of protection for your bikes. If you have an expensive bike, we recommend you get a good rack like this one and avoid cheaper racks. I could carry around my Trek Madone SL 6 on this bike rack without any worries.

Why We Like It

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2 – Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack Series: Best Overall Trunk Type Bike Rack For SUV Without Hitch

Product Specifications

  • Integrated Lock: No
  • Material: Plastic synthetic
  • Load Capacity: 35 lbs (Per Bike)
  • Weight: 9 And 11 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 2 And 3 bikes
  • Available styles: Bones 2-Bike, Bones EX 2-Bike, Bones 3-Bike, Bones EX 3-Bike, Superbones 3-Bike

Product Rating:

Saris was one of the first brands to introduce trunk type bike racks to the world and to this day they make one of the best Trunk Bike Racks. Their Saris Bones 2 is a simple trunk bike rack made of injection molded plastic, with a beautiful arc design. Want the best 3 bike/ 4 bike rack for SUV without hitch? Then this is the best option.

Top features:

Folding Arms: Not using the bike rack? No problem, Saris has got you covered. When you are not using the bike rack, you can simply fold down the arms and go off. This is a great feature, as it saves you from taking off the bike rack every time you are not using the bike rack.

Anti Sway Straps: To avoid the bikes from wobbling while they are loaded on the rack, Saris includes Anti-Sway Straps that attach onto the seat tube of your bike so that your bike is locked both horizontally and vertically.

Arc Design: The Arc design of the bike rack is not just for looks but also serves as a functional tool for making more gaps between the bikes. This is a neat little trick Saris uses that most other manufacturers don’t and it does make mounting the bikes onto the rack a bit easier.

Review And Analysis:

The Saris Bones is a versatile bike rack that can fit many cars. This is one of the best features of having a Trunk Type bike rack. They are almost universal and fit most vehicles, be it your Minivan, an SUV, or even a sedan. Even though it’s pricier than the Allen Sports Trunk bike rack, the price difference is worth the extra money, in my opinion, and if you can stretch your budget, this is the bike rack to get. The build quality, even though it’s made of plastic, is a lot better than the Allen sports deluxe.

Why We Like It

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2 Best Roof Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch

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3 – Thule Upride : Best Premium Roof Bike Rack for Toyota Sienna.

Product Specifications

  • Integrated Lock: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 44 lbs.
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs.
  • Bike Capacity: 1 bikes
  • Available Styles: Thule UpRide, Thule OutRide, Thule ProRide, Thule ThruRide, Thule Circuit, Thule Prologue

Product Rating:

Thule took a different approach with the upride using ratchets instead of traditional fork locks usually found on roof racks. The ratchets hold down the front wheel securely without any contact to the frame of the form and zip straps to secure the rear wheel to the bike racks. This makes the Upride a very suitable choice for expensive bikes with carbon frame

Top features:

Ratchets: Thule Upride is a functional bike rack with two ratchets in front to hold the bike firmly in place. So instead of taking off the front wheel, you can just place the ratchets onto the type, and the bike stays in position. The loading process becomes a lot faster because taking off the wheels is not necessary.

Security: The Gateway is not an exception here either and it comes with an integrated lock system that can be tucked away when not in use inside the frame of the rack.

Review And Analysis:

The Upride can be an expensive piece of equipment, not everyone is willing to spend USD 200 plus on a bike rack that will only carry a single bike rack but the quality and the features it comes with are worth the extra money for me. Anyone looking for a very safe bike rack that doesn’t come into contact with the bike’s frame should consider a roof bike rack. The ratchet approach is very handy and allows us to take on or off the bikes much more quickly than other bike racks that use a fork lock system.

Why We Like It

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4 – Inno Fork Lock 3: Best Budget Single Bike Rack For Toyota Sienna.

Product Specifications

  • Integrated Lock: No
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Load Capacity: 50 lbs.
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Bike Capacity: 1 bikes
  • Available Styles: INA389 Universal Tire Hold, INNO RT101 Truck Rack Stays for Standard Truck Beds.

Product Rating:

The Inno Fork Lock is a more basic roof-mounted bike rack. From the name, it’s totally obvious that you will have to take the front wheel off to mount your bike onto the rack, unlike the Thule Upride, which is a premium bike rack.

Top features:

Good Security: The way they implemented their locking feature is very clever. A locking shield helps you lock the bike to the rack, and there’s another lock that helps you lock the bike rack to the crossbars.

Lightweight: This is a very light bike rack, so carrying it is a total breeze at only nine pounds, whereas the Upride weighs twice as much as this.

Review And Analysis:

Inno For Lock 3, a little bike rack with a lot of emphasis on their lock functionality. If you are looking for an inexpensive bike rack for a single bike, this is probably one of the better options for those on a budget. Also, as added perks, you get some extra security features with the rack.

Why We Like It

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1 Best Spare Tire Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch

5 – Yakima Spare Ride : Best Spare Tyre Bike Rack For SUV Without Hitch

Product Specifications

  • Integrated Lock: No
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Load Capacity: 70 lbs.
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Bike Capacity: 2 bikes
  • Available styles: Basic Mounted Spare Tire

Product Rating:

Yakima bike rack is a pretty hefty product, weighing about 29 pounds, so it comes with ZipStrip cradles to ensure that your bike rack is safely locked up after installation. This sleek Yakima bike rack comes with quite a few components that help you DIY the rack all by yourself. If you’re worried about whether you can fit this rack on your tire or not, let me tell you that Yakima has proved its legacy once again by providing three different mount bracket sizes.

Top features:

Good Security: You get a locking bike cable with it where SKS technology is pre-installed. Using the Allen key that comes with this bike rack, you can swap out the mounting tongue installed on the mounting plate and replace it with the one that suits your car.

Design: This is the only spare type bike rack that we like in terms of its design. Yakima really did their research while designing this product and it looks really beautiful while mounted onto the Vehicle.

Review And Analysis:

The three mounting tongues will accommodate most tires that you find on SUVs, including those bulky, oversized Jeep Wrangler tires. So, if you’ve got those big tires on your SUVs back then this is for you. Overall, a solid, sturdy rack guarantees not only the safety of your bike but also the bike rack. It can be said to be one of the best 2 bike rack for SUV without hitch.

Why We Like It

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1 Best Suction Cup Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch:

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6 – Seasucker Talon : Best Suction Cup Bike Rack For SUV Without Hitch.

Product Specifications

  • Integrated Lock: No
  • Material: Plastic With Metal Mounts
  • Load Capacity: 45 lbs Per Bike
  • Weight: 6 to 12 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 1 / 2 / 3 Bike
  • Available styles: Seasucker Mini Bomber, Seasucker Komodo

Product Rating:

Sea Sucker is the new kid on the block with a new fancy idea. They are not the first company to make suction cup bike racks, but they are the first company to make them very well. Their bike racks are robust and can carry almost 45 pounds which is just mind-blowing for suction cups.

Top features:

Versatility: The best feature of using a suction cup bike rack is the versatility it offers you in terms of mounting position like no other bike rack. Need to mount your bike on a curved shaped roof, Seasucker is the perfect candidate for that.

Ease Of Use: Setting up the Seasucker is very easy, all you need to do is pump the suction cups until you create a good seal and then you are ready to mount your bike.

Review And Analysis:

It takes a good amount of courage to leap from something like a traditional bike rack to a suction bike rack. It was a big leap in faith, and the Sea Sucker didn’t disappoint. If you are looking for a minimal bike rack, suction cups are a very good option. On top of that, this is universal, so it will fit any kind of vehicle you may have.

Why We Like It

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Bike Rack Buying Guide For SUV Without Hitch

So far, we have discussed different bike racks that are best suited for the Toyota Sienna. Now let’s talk about a few crucial questions you MUST answer while choosing the bike rack for your car.

What type of rack do you prefer the most?

This is one of the first choices you are going to have to make for your bike rack. Hitch bike racks are usually hefty but this is an article for bike racks for SUV no hitch so keep that aside. You do have a number of options like Trunk Bike Racks, Roof Bike Racks, if your SUV has a Spare Tyre at the back then you can get a Spare Tyre Bike Rack and if none of that works, there’s a Suction Cup Bike Rack that will definitely fit your car.

What size rack do you need?

The next thing you need to determine is the size of your bike rack. If you want to carry multiple bikes then the best choice for you will be to get a Trunk Type Bike Rack as it offers the most carrying capacity among all the types of bike racks we reviewed in this article. Aside from that if you need to carry a single bike then it comes down to personal preferences as to what u prefer more.

What about Kids bikes, women’s bikes, and bikes with curved top bars?

When it comes to a mountain bike, road bike, or regular adult bike, you don’t have to worrya bout it. However, if it’s a kids bike, womens bike, or a bike with curved top bars, then you would need specific racks or an adjuster. Some bike racks offer an adjustable base to fit bikes of different dimensions, that way you can fit kids bike as well. Also, when it comes to hanging bike rack, you can’t hang them if your top bar ain’t straight. You’ll have to use a bike frame adapter to do that; any curved top bar or women’s bike would need it.

Do you want a hefty quality rack or a lightweight portable rack?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you are going to carry multiple heavy bikes it’s definitely better to go with something that can withstand a lot of lead. On the other hand if you are going to be carrying a single light bike you can get by with a light weight portable bike rack.

How often are you going to use your bike rack?

A bike rack is considered a long-term investment. Surely you want a rack to serve you for at least a couple of years. That will only happen if the bike rack is durable enough to survive the inevitable overuse. So if you think that you are going to use it fairly often then get something with a good build quality. Or if you are going to use it rarely then go for a budget rack to save some money.

How much are you willing to spend?

This is something that is totally up to you but we do recommend that you steer clear of the cheapest bike racks that you can find. We have reviewed the top bike racks for SUV no hitch in this article, which covers almost all ranges of prices from budget to the most premium ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a bike rack without a hitch on my SUV?

Yes, you can use a bike rack without any hitch on SUV. There are other types of bike racks available – trunk bike racks, roof bike racks, spare tire bike racks, and suction cup bike racks.

Do trunk bike racks work on SUVs?

Yes, trunk bike racks easily work with SUVs. Just make sure to get the right one when your SUV has a spoiler. Not all trunk bike racks can be seamlessly used when there’s a spoiler.

How do you carry a bike in an SUV?

If you want to carry a bike inside an SUV, then you have to put the seats down and get your bike there. On the other hand, if you want to carry your bike outside your SUV, you can use car bike racks.

What kind of bike rack is easiest to use?

Usually, platform hitch bike racks are the easiest, safest, and most convenient to use.

Are strap on bike racks safe?

Given the fact that you have got a good quality strap on/ trunk bike rack, and you have installed it properly, it is as safe as any other bike rack out there.

Do you need a hitch for bike rack on SUV?

Hitch bike racks are definitely the best option to have when it comes to carrying bikes on a SUV, but there are other options as well. For SUV without hitch, you can go for trunk bike racks, Roof bike racks, spare tire bike racks, and suction cup bike racks.

How do you put a bike on a roof rack SUV?

Depending on your specific bike rack, you might or might not need to take off the front wheel. All you have to do is lift the bike up, place it on the rack, and lock it up accordingly. You can open the door to stand on it or use a door step to easily access your roof.

Final Words

Getting a bike rack for your SUV without a hitch installed can be a big hassle. Spending on a hitch to install a bike rack can set you back a lot financially,

So we took this opportunity to gather all the great bike racks available that don’t require a hitch. If you went through this list then by now you have a good idea of what bike rack you should consider buying or if you are still confused then you can go through our buying guide which explains which bike rack you should buy according to your needs.

As for our suggestion, we would say that the saris bones are a great choice in terms of versatility and also the number of bikes it can carry you would be done with just one bike rack for your SUV. The arms are foldable so, you don’t have to take it off, it’s just a great package overall and we would highly say that it definitely holds the sweet spot in terms of money, features, and build.

A single suggestion might not be enough for everyone but it will be the best choice for most people looking for a good bike rack that offers you everything but doesn’t cost a lot.

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